The Primordial Source of All Existence

In deep meditation, clear wisdom can reveal itself.  When one transcends individuality, true nature is revealed. Yet, how is this lived on a day to day basis? How is it to be in the world but not of the world?

Challenges arise in life on a daily basis. Is it possible to abide in harmony as this true nature without allowing the ego to dominate, yet successfully function in an ego dominated world?

Through various ancient meditation practices and inquiry we investigate the nature of who we truly are together. It is only from direct experience can there be an end to all seeking.

Come and be part of a small Embodiment group of dedicated people who meet on an ongoing weekly basis for support and opening as our true nature.

“Future concern is fear of pain and desire for pleasure. Be content with whatever comes” -Nisargadatta

Nondual Awakening and Liberation

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