Sharing, Support & Deepening

The groups are closely guided by Zeida Rothman, as well as each of us sharing our natural wisdom that is revealed through meditation. Instead of looking to the world for answers, we see that we are the answer.

The group setting is homey and nurturing, The number of groups are limited and each group has a maximum of 6 participants. If the group you are interested in is full, there will be a wait list for the next available opening.

Together we will have a chance to enjoy new friends in a rich Dharma community and open into this serenity that we truly are.

Please inquire only if you live close to the Berkeley, California area, have some understanding of the teachings of Non -Duality and can commit to a weekly group.

“Liberation from the personal self takes dedication. Meeting weekly with a committed group that is devoted, helps to keep me accountable to seeing reality as it is. I am eternally grateful for this clear seeing.”

- Teri-  group member

"The non-dual support groups are not about having an experience or understanding “of” our true nature -  they are about living “as” our true nature! What greater gift could there possibly be?!!”

- Bree - group member

All Groups are gladly offered Free of Charge

“When there is identification with thoughts, it is distraction: When there is no identification with thoughts, you are Meditation.” - Ramana Maharshi

If you would like more information on the groups, please feel free to call (510) 549-3051.

Nondual Teaching and Support

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